Coal Train Yard Sign

Educate Yourself And Your Neighbors About Why the Coal Train Is Bad (see short list below)

Write Your Elected Officials

Put Up Yard Signs

Our elected officials need to hear from us loud and clear. They’re receiving huge pressure from the largest economic forces in the world to make the coal train go through. We need to make sure they understand how THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE HERE feel. The people actually have more power than the corporations. The question is whether we will stand up and use our power or not.

Write and call your elected officials (Mayor, State Lands Commissioner, Governor, Senators, and Representatives) and make sure there are plenty of these yard signs on busy streets where our officials and all of us can see them. (Contact info for officials at bottom of this page.)

Folks are fighting this from Billings to Spokane to Portland to Seattle to Bellingham. When our regions unite, we will defeat the coal train.

How to Buy Coal Train Yard Signs

Optional: In addition to purchasing your sign, you may also make a donation to go toward making signs for volunteers to post around town.

–If you live in the Bellingham area, contact Dana:

Email: dana (at) cowswithguns (dot) com

–If you live in the Bow area, contact Dan:

Email: doog1951 (at) gmail (dot) com or call 360-540-8878

–If you live in the Mt. Vernon area, contact Marie:

Email: erbst (at) cnw (dot) com

–If you live in the Puyallup area, contact Chris:

Email: chris (at) wolfcamp (dot) com

–If you live in the Tacoma area, contact Sarah:

Email: OTRLSJM (at) gmail (dot) com or call 253-973-8153

Local Yard Sign Distributors

Would you like to be a local yard sign distributor in your town or neighborhood? Contact: dana (at) cowswithguns (dot) com

Why Is the Coal Train Bad?

-Diesel particulates from so many train engines are dangerous for folks with asthma and respiratory problems.

-Ambulances and fire fighters get stuck behind trains and can’t get to emergencies.

Want you or your neighbor waiting at the RR tracks in the ambulance with a heart attack? Or the fire trucks waiting at the RR tracks when your neighbor’s house is on fire with kids in it?

-Lowers property values.

Neighborhoods near the tracks will be noisy, more polluted, and less livable.

-Loss of sleep.

For folks living within a few miles of the track, they will have the pleasure of hearing many more trains roaring through town at night. How will that affect your work and your interaction with those around you?

-Damages the local economies along the whole route.

-Loss of jobs on the waterfront

Who is going to want to build apartments or start a business next to the endless roar of the coal trains? Who is going to want to shop at a business near the coal train knowing they may have a long wait when the trains come through, or stop, as they occasionally do?

-Who pays for the new overpasses and road changes?

We do. We’ll be spending local tax dollars to re-route traffic around the train while our schools and other municipal projects languish.

-Washington State decided not to make electricity from burning dirty coal.

So we’re going to ship it over to China to do the same thing and pollute the people of China as well as ourselves?

-Mercury in our lakes.

When millions of tons of coal are burned in China, some of that pollution will make its way here. Mercury and other pollutants will come down with the rain into our lakes, our drinking water.

-Climate change.

When coal is burned it emits green house gases, which throw off the climate and cause extreme weather around the globe.

-Higher risk of oil spills in the San Juan Islands with so many more huge boats going through.

Contact: dana (at) cowswithguns (dot) com

Write our elected officials: